Make an impression and land the job with Vidint

Stand out and show your personality, beyond just a resume. Respond to video interview requests at a time and location convenient to you. Prepare and land the job!

Receive interview requests from top employers

Once your resume has been reviewed, Employers can invite you to interview via email. Our app then makes it simple and easy to manage and respond with a great video interview. It's a fast and convenient way to interview anytime, anywhere - from your phone.

Practice makes perfect

Hone your interview skills by using our Practice Mode question sets. See how you look to employers and playback your responses to our common employers questions so you can prepare great answers.

You are more than a resume

When you are ready, record your interview to stand out and improve your chance of winning the job. Showcase your knowledge and passion to leave employers in no doubt of your fit for the role.

How does a video interview help me win the job?

On your terms

Find a place and time that is convenient to you. No need travel or wait to have that first interview.

Help you shine

Bring your Resume to life by showcasing why you'd be a great fit for the role. Share your insight on the key topics that are important to employers.

Real time feedback

Know when a employer has checked out your interview, and instantly know whether they want to move you to the next stage.

Free forever

Use our free app to practice and respond to interviews as often as you like.

The fastest way to locate the best candidates

Worry no more about scheduling and conducting phone screen after phone screen. Simply set up your question sets and invite candidate to submit their interview at a time that suits them. Freeing you up to focus on other important parts of your sourcing strategy.

Learn more about a candidate

Go beyond the resume by getting detailed responses to the questions that matter to you. See the personality and presentation of the candidate in high quality video.

Provide deeper insights to those making hiring decisions

Share and showcase high potential candidates with the hiring manager with high quality video interviews. Gather feedback and notes in one place with our simple, mobile first tools.

How does a video interview help me hire the right candidate

Fast and simple

No more struggling to schedule and conduct screening calls. Create your interview and invite all relevant candidates instantly.

Go beyond the Resume

Widen your pipeline and assess more candidates with less effort. Get deeper insights into a candidate's suitability and fit beyond their resume.

Easy playback

Know when you have new responses and quickly view them on the go. Easily add notes and share to others those candidates who look great.

Represent your brand with cutting edge technology

Look great and impress candidates and stakeholders by creating a great recruitment experience that gives you more data with less effore than before.

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Candidate App

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  • Respond to interviews
  • Unlimited practice mode
  • Fast and simple
  • Anywhere, anytime
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  • Create up to 3 interview templates
  • Invite up to 10 candidates per month
  • Candidate responses available online for 15 days
  • Simple mobile first playback
  • Local Malaysian support
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Employer Advanced

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  • Unlimited interview templates
  • Create bespoke questions
  • Unlimited candidate invitations
  • Candidate responses available to download and share
  • Simple mobile first playback
  • Local Malaysian support
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